Marco Gifuni - 3d generalist / Motion designer

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Role: Motion designer / Animator / 3d modeler

The amazing team at Territory Studio once again invited me to take part to the production of ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’.
We created the whole UI system as well as the holographic consoles of the Jaegers and lots of other elements to go with them. I’ve been fortunate to be part of this project from the concept stages to the actual development.
I’ve worked on more than 30 individual shots involving ‘Gipsy Avenger’ as well as building assets and UIs used on other ‘Conpods’ and scenes.
I’ve also created initial concepts, shaders, 3d models and animations for the ‘Conpods’ of Gipsy Avenger, as well as ‘The Core’,
a mechanical center piece that lives in the middle of the consoles in each Jaeger.
Due to the sheer amount of Uis and 3d assets created to populate the shots, we created each one of them to be almost totally self-animating via a bespoke Xpresso rig.
This project was by far one of the biggest and most challenging I’ve ever took part in, but the result was definitely worth it.